Shindong shaves his head for the army and shares video with fans

The night before Shindong‘s official enlistment into the army, the Super Junior member not only shares a selca but a video of his head shaving experience as well.

On March 23rd, his friend shared a selca onto his Instagram account and revealed Shindong’s newly cut hair in preparations for the big day!

With a new short haircut, Shindong happily posed for a selca with his friend Sang Moo, showing excitement through his eyes. The photo was captioned with “#Enlistmentpreparations #Shavedhead #Activesoldier #Goandcomebackwell.” 

In addition to the photo, Shindong posted his experience of his new hairstyle with  a new video. His long hair was first buzzed into a mohawk, before the Super Junior member himself shaved the remaining hair off, a nervous smile on his face resilient on his face the whole time. With lit Mickey Mouse ears, Shindong smiles and marches off.

Fans left their heartfelt comments with sadness and expressed their anticipation for the K-celebrity to be back after two years.

It was recently announced by SM Entertainment that the Super Junior member requested for a quiet enlistment. Meanwhile, his fellow Super Junior member Sungmin is expected to join the army soon as well on March 31st.