SHINee and BTOB fans unite over THIS GIF

An animated GIF has emerged regarding three programs that both SHINee and BTOB fans dislike.

Fans have recently been buzzing about three TV programs that regularly feature idols. The show, We Got Married, has been receiving both love and hate from fans with their favorite idols being featured in virtual marriages. The athletic-oriented programs, Dream Team and Idol Athletics Championship, have also been receiving criticism from netizens for all the injuries their favorite idols endure on the shows.

SHINee members in particular have been notorious for being injured on these shows. Like SHINee, BTOB has also been injured by featuring in the programs. Both groups’ members have also been in We Got Married.

Originally posted on Pann, netizens discuss a GIF both SHINee and BTOB fans can agree on and laugh about.

Titled “GIF That Shawols and Melodies Can Agree On,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.



“The three guys have logos of 3 programs ‘We Got Married,’ ‘Dream Team,’ and ‘Idols Athletics Championship.'”

“F*ck…. Come here ‘We Got Married,’ ‘Dream Team’ and ‘Idols Athletics Championship.'”

“Programs ‘Dream Team’ and ‘Idols Athletics Championship’ stop using our Minhyuk and Minho so recklessly! F*ck!”

“Many other idol groups’ fans are probably mad at them too but I think groups’ fandoms that hate all three of those groups are ShaWols and Melodies hahahahaha I’m mad too hahaha Are there any other groups?

“Hmm… Lastly, I hope all three of those programs fail”

“SHINee and BTOB fighting!”

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 3.36.31 PM


[ +69 / -3] Correct hahahahahaha BTOB was in Japan but was called by MBC to shoot ‘Idols Athletics Championship’ only to leave to Japan the very next day hahahaha

[ +58 / -1] + ‘Star King,’ ‘Splash’ and many other programs….. Why are they featuring them in those kind of programs…. Please don’t send our Minho to athletics programs. And they keep putting Taemin in dating programs;;;;;

[ +32 / 0] That GIF is so funny hahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahaha

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