SHINee Jonghyun surprises unsuspecting fan at her work

SHINee‘s Jonhyun proves he’s one of the sweetest men in Kpop as he surprises an unsuspecting fan at her part time job working in a cafe.

In the video Jonghyun unsuspecting fan is shown serving coffee and cleaning when at the end of her shift Jonghyun appears leaving his fan so startled she collapses on the floor in tears. The singer then helps his fan up from the floor and begins to help her finish her shift, cleaning the cafe windows and making her a smoothie.

After all her jobs are complete the singer sits the fan down to talk about her worries, she mentions her struggles of balancing school, work and following her dream to be a radio producer. The singer relates and even mentions his own experiences as a trainee at SM Entertainment.

As the two continue to talk the singer begins to encourage his fan to pursue her dream to become a radio producer so they could one day meet again. The singer then surprises his fan further with another gift, his own personal perfume, which he sweetly proves is his own by demonstrating how to use the product.

At the end of the video the singer encourages his fan saying “You’ve gone through a lot. You’ve worked hard again today” and walks the fan home.

Watch the full video below!