SHINee’s Jonghyun touches a fan’s heart at fan sign event with personal note

A SHINee fan shared a touching personal experience with member Jonghyun during a fan sign event after he far and beyond to cheer her up.

On May 27th through the online community board DC Gallery, the fan revealed that she was ashamed of her name and did not want to share it with SHINee. Coming up to Jonghyun to get a signature, she initially told him not to include a name prompting him to ask her, “Then what would you like me to write?”

The fan goes on to explain that due to her shock, “Suddenly, my mind went blank so I asked him to write my actual name,” she writes on her post. She then continues to explain that she had wanted to tell him that his radio show Blue Night had given her much comfort but before she could go further, burst into tears soon after mentioning the show.

“Why are you crying?” he had asked her, but the manager present had pressed her to move along the line and ended up in Onew‘s fan sign line soon after.

She continued, “I briefly made contact with Jjong and he mouthed out the words ‘Don’t cry’..even when I was getting Jinki (Onew)’s autograph, Jjong poked me in the arm when he had a break from his line and told me not to cry..I was really having a mental breakdown so I couldn’t tell SHINee all I wanted to say that I planned and went back to my seat to wait, then Jjong wrote something and a staff member brought the note over for him..”

“Though I wasn’t crying because of my name but because of SHINee ㅠ It’s embarrassing, but at the time it felt like all the times that I’ve gotten hurt because of my name were suddenly getting healed.”

The original poster then posted up the note from Jonghyun, which read, “Don’t cry. It’s a pretty name. It’s other people who are foolish. You are incredible.”


Source: DC Inside