SHINee Key helps prevent fan from continuing self-mutilation habit

Last year, SHINEee‘s Key left a heartwarming message on an Instagram post of a fan who had been cutting herself. One year later, the fan has not forgotten Key’s moving gesture.

Friends of the fan created a movement with fellow Shawols to show Key that the fan had improved tremendously since he left the touching comment on her Instagram post last year.

When she had first posted last year, the young girl had many cuts on her arm and was public about her self-harming. Key responded to the public post with some encouragement, his own story, and the promise to be with her through her struggles. In response, the fan promised that she would stop cutting.

One year later, on the anniversary of the moment, Shawols shared the photo that showed the improvement the fan had made, true to her word.

Shawols all around celebrated her personal victory, and Key definitely took notice because he liked her photo shortly after the movement to spread the photo began!

The ecstatic fan quickly posted the news and wrote, “Dear Key Kibum, thank you. Thank you so much for existing and us Shawols are so thankful and blessed to have you as our idol. Thank you for supporting me, even though I’m still not fully recovered, I can honestly say that without you I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Key’s admirable gesture has touched hearts of Shawols and K-Pop fans alike have gathered to offer their support to the fan and appreciation for the idol.