SHINee’s Jonghyun is a trendy fashionista for “Elle Korea”

SHINee‘s Jonghyun modeled for the February issue of Elle Korea and shared about his solo debut album, Base.

Jonghyun shared two different styles in the collaborative photo shoot with Elle Korea.

He showed a sexy-side as he gazes into the camera and is seen wearing a decorative velvet jumper with gold lining in the first style. In the second style, Jonghyun sports the more chic, tunic style with a loose white shirt and gold streamer backdrop.

Along with the photo shoot, Jonghyun shared, “Any artist involved in music are likely invest a lot of thought and care into their album, but I personally put in a lot of care and attention to create this album. I asked many people and heard many stories to try my best and find a middle ground. I felt that I grew musically and socially through this experience.”

Jonghyun also said, “I see myself as a person who is very honest with feelings. I can also quickly change and feel many different emotions. My main point is that I tried to share all these honest emotions.”

Jonghyun has been successful with his debut solo album and won three separate awards including MBC Music Core, SBS Inkigayo, and SBS MTV The Show.

Source: HeraldPOP