SHINee’s Key reveals why he keeps a distant relationship with BoA on JTBC’s “Take Care of My Fridge”

SHINee member Key is a well-known BoA fan amongst Shawols, so no surprise there. However, he reveals his CD collection for the first time on broadcast with viewers on Take Care of My Fridge.

Aired on July 20th, both BoA and Key made a guest appearance on the show together where in the same episode, BoA’s fridge was revealed to have contained a 10-year old ingredient much to her embarrassment.

When asked by the MCs as to whether BoA and Key share a special relationship, the Asia star revealed that Key is the only phone number out of all the SHINee members who she does not have.

Key revealed himself to be an avid BoA fan since his childhood. He said, “Since I was young, I was a fan [of BoA’s]. It was to the extent that I joined the official fanclub.”

He then revealed some of his CD collection that included both of BoA’s Korean and Japanese releases, including Outgrow (Japanese; 2006), My Name (Korean; 2004), and Everlasting (Japanese; 2006). As the MCs looked at the CDs and noted that the cases were broken, Key said, “Those are the CDs I carried. I bought them when I was younger.”

Surprised at his collection, revealing that there were indeed some rare copies in his stash, BoA revealed that Key actually acts very indifferent around her. Unlike the other SHINee members who act very affectionate with her, Key does not take the initiative to approach her first.

Key agreed, saying, “I have deliberately tried not to get too close. I hope that she will remain as the person who inspires me,” raising even more admiration for the artist. After BoA’s fridge was revealed, Key further explained, “I was afraid I’d break my imagination so I kept a distance from BoA noona, but after seeing your fridge, I feel closer to noona.”

Source: My Daily