Shinhwa announces 12th album release for February 2015

Soon after announcing their comeback for the the new year, Shinhwa has released the first image teaser via their agency’s official website (Shincom), announcing the month of their return.

Their upcoming 12th studio album will mark the legendary Korean male idol group’s return after a year and nine month since their last album, The Classic. Since then, the group has been busy with group concert and individual activities.

On January 1st, Shincom Entertainment shared the first official image teaser of the group, the six member wearing a simple black dress pants and plain white shirt, pulled up to cover the lower half of their face, with only their first name initial printed in front: Dong Wan, Andy, Hye Sung, Min Woo, Jun Jin, and Eric. 

The image teaser seems to reveal even more information, including the year 2015 and “12th album 2015.02” to indicate the month and year of release. Two additional symbols are found, an exclamation point and a flower, with what can be assumed to be dates found written in tiny font at the bottom: 1/5 and 1/8.

No further information has been released regarding these numbers.

Look forward to Shinhwa’s return this February!