Shinhwa and G-Friend take a friendly group photo at Inkigayo’s 800th episode

Long running and popular male idol group Shinhwa took a friendly group photo with their juniors and rookie female group G-Friend on January 24th backstage of SBS’ Inkigayo, who recently celebrated their 800th episode.

The group shared two different photos of the two groups on their Twitter account, writing, “Inkigayo’s 800th episode special with Shinhwa sunbaenim! Shinhwa and G-Friend would like to show all our wonderful fans a good appearance! ♡”.

G-Friend cutely posed in their pink and white outfits with Shinhwa holding up the rookie group’s debut album Season of Glass in their hands, standing behind the girls.

The two artists recently made an appearance on Inkigayo’s 800th episode, Shinhwa returning to the first music show they initially  made their debut on in 1998, while G-Friend continued their promotions for their debut title track, “Glass Beads.”

Source: Asia Today