Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo revealed to be dating a model

TV Report reveals that Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo is dating a a model 11 years his junior, Go So-Hyun.

According to TV Report, Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo has been in a year-long relationship with model Go So-Hyun. Go So-Hyun is a Korean model who is reported to be 11 years younger than Lee Minwoo. Amongst Shinhwa fans, rumors have already spread on community and fan websites before making headlines.

They were spotted dating openly in various places near Shinsa Garosu-Gil as well as bars around their neighborhood. They also shopped in small shops in Garosu-Gil and also have been spotted going on a vacation to Los Angeles on July 18th. Although he was originally planning to attend “KCON 2015 USA,” he planned his trip two weeks ahead of schedule to spend time with his girlfriend Go So-hyun.

[ +670 / -18] The Go So-Hyun from that “Super Model Korea” program? hul

[ +705 / -76] Didn’t this model have a boyfriend? I guess she met him after breaking up with him. When I saw her on the program, she had temper problems but I guess she works her aegyo on boys.

[ +529 / -76] Do celebrities not know they are old? how is a 79′ born dating a 90′ hahahahaha

Source: TV Report