Shinhwa plans to take legal actions against local concert promoters in Beijing, China

Shinhwa is planning to take legal action against the concert promoters in charge of their tour in China. 

In a statement released by Shincom Entertainment on May 27th, they have expressed their stance on the news reports published by the Chinese media earlier that day.

In the statement published on their homepage and Facebook account, they explained that Hanshin Entertainment carried out the preparations for their concert in Beijing, China, enlisting the help of local promoters Lanchen Media and Ruiyang.

It was explained that the local promoters were not able to fulfill the arrangements bounded by their contract with Harshen Entertainment. Despite the efforts to solve the issue, the concert in Beijing scheduled for June 27th experienced production troubles, leaving fans’ to worry over a possible cancellation.

The statement from Shincom Entertainment was their official response after the two local promoters cited the agency and Hanshin Entertainment for breach of contract. As Shinhwa’s company does not have a contractual agreement with the two local promoters, they believe that the attack was done intentionally to damage the company and their artists.

Currently, both agencies are trying their best to continue with their concert in Beijing, China.

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Posted by 신화컴퍼니 Shinhwa Company on Tuesday, May 26, 2015