Shinhwa’s Dongwan apologises after scolding fan on recent SNS update

Shinhwa’s Dongwan apologises to his followers after scolding a fan for her alleged rude behaviour in one of his previous updates. 

On one of his updates on Facebook on May 17th, Dongwan posted a photo of a woman holding a camera. The caption came with a statement scolding her for her behaviour during Shinhwa’s airport arrival, allegedly pushing, bumping, and stepping on fellow fans and bystanders. As she only had eyes on her camera, Dongwan warned her for being a misrepresentation of their fan club after making a number of people uncomfortable with her manners.

Although the woman was not identified, the singer later on deleted the post. However, he posted a a new update addressing the issue and apologised to the fan.

On the latest update, Dong Wan stated that:

“I heard that friend is getting verbally assaulted on China’s Weibo. Please stop that is not what I want. It was wrong of me to compulsively upload this picture. I like taking pictures too and from time to time I forget to request their permission. I heard of Korean photographers being sued by people and I carry around a name card with my e-mail when I take pictures of people

in Korea I began asking for people’s permission before taking their pictures because they have publicity rights. It is hard to criticize people for taking pictures of singers without profit on their mind but I wish they would keep basic manners. It is hard to understand why they would make the person they are trying to capture on film feel angry.  Shouldn’t they wish to take pictures of the person being happy and cherish that? Thanks to the anonymous person who was missing manners, I was not able to greet many of the fans that came to say hello and that angered me more than anything. If you do not realize what the proper etiquette is please look around…

The reason people go crazy over baseball and soccer is because there is a specific set of rules they abide by. Please do not ruin the rule of this game that we are all enjoying so much.”

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Posted by Dane Kim on Sunday, 17 May 2015

Source: StarNews