This Shopkeeper Was Caught On Camera Singing EXO’s “Monster”

A bored shopkeeper goes viral after belting out his own covers of EXO’s “Monster” and “Love Me Right.” 

Not even a day after EXO released the official teaser for their latest track, “Monster,” a few covers of the track have already sprouted online. In particular, one convenience store staff member went viral after he was caught singing along to the the track without any accompaniment.

What caught the attention of EXO’s fans, however, was how candid the video took as it only displayed cigarettes and other items from the convenience store. The video was also cut off after a customer was heard entering the store.

Meanwhile, other fans also recalled that it was probably the same staff member who have sang along to “Love Me Right,” while others speculate the similarities of the tone to member Baekhyun. 

EXO introduced a teaser of their track and video of “Monster” on June 5th as they prepare to promote their latest album, EX’ACT.