“Show Me The Money 4” to eliminate contestants who leaked competition results

Mnet’s Show Me The Money 4 is already garnering much attention before its official June premiere.Since the preliminary auditions on May 10th with its long queue of applicants, many fans as well as media outlets have been releasing various spoilers. According to some sources, the applicants this year were more unique than ever before. In particular, an old lady in her 70s dressed in trendy sunglasses and jeans and an applicant in an astronaut uniform surprised everyone in the audition set.

Although all the contestants agreed to not release information prior to the airing of the show, some contestants have been posting spoilers on their personal SNS, resulting in their eliminations. The production team stated, “We are thankful for the heated interest, but we would appreciate if spoilers that would degrade the quality of our episodes were not released prior to the actual airing.”

Meanwhile, Show Me The Money 4 is set to air on June 26th with an idol-studded contestant line-up as well as top panelists.

Source: Osen