Sina report claims actress Lee Da Hae supposedly dating younger Chinese actor Li Yi Feng

A Sina report has claimed actress Lee Da Hae to supposedly be dating a younger Chinese actor, Li Yi Feng.

On May 12th and 13th, Sina released multiple reports claiming that Lee Da Hae and Li Yi Feng have reunited in a romance once again. According to the reports, the two first met after starring in the Chinese drama, Love’s Recipe. Since then, Li Yi Feng visited Seoul frequently. The news quickly surfaced and garnered fans’ attention. In particular, it was reported that Li Yi Feng traveled to Korea for a one day visit on April 18th, which is one day before Lee Da Hae’s birthday.

However, the two celebrities have been denying the rumours to be true. Lee Da Hae’s agency, FNC Entertainment, has strongly stated, “It is definitely not true. They never even dated, how can they be in relationship again?” As of May 13th, Li Yi Feng’s agency also denied the dating rumours and stated that he visited Korea due to work.

Although the identity of a Korean woman has not been confirmed to be Lee Da Hae, Li Yi Feng did mention that he had a relationship with a Korean woman in the past during a variety show appearance in 2014. With FNC Entertainment denying the rumours, some believe that these rumours may be groundless reports claimed by Sina.

Moreover, just ahead of Li Yi Feng’s film release, others speculate that this may be a mere marketing strategy. Meanwhile, Lee Da Hae is completing her schedules overseas and reviewing possible projects for the future.

Source: TV Report