Singer SAM tries to “Wake Up” in new MV

Korean singer SAM tries to “Wake Up” from the dream of being with his ex-lover in his music video featuring rapper K.Shin

Starting out the video, SAM’s smooth vocals prepare for a somber mood as he is shown sitting on a couch wearing all black, then later asking “What did I do wrong?” Going through his flashbacks, SAM tries to make sense of what happened and how he and his ex could have parted ways. K.Shin breathes into the video, a breath of confidence and charisma as he is seen rapping at the camera with a stern expression that shows off his manly charms. Unfortunately, no matter where SAM travels in the video, all over town, or in his mind through his memories, he can’t seem to figure out a way to get his love to come back to him.

Check out the video below: