Singer-songwriter genius Yoon Hyun Sang’s recent interview with Newsen

Yoon Hyun Sang has finally released his debut album PIANOFORTE on October 31st. The album, consisting of six songs in total, has been composed, written, arranged, and produced by Yoon Hyun Sang himself. After touching the hearts of the judges and public in the audition show, K-Pop Star 1, Yoon Hyun Sang has been labelled as junior singer-songwriter genius who will succeed the likes of Yoo Jae Ha and Kim Kwang Suk.

In his recent interview, Yoon Hyun Sang voiced his thoughts on debuting with label mate IU and his future hopes for his career as a musician.

What are your thoughts on your debut?
“I can’t really grasp a solid feeling yet, because it’s only been five days since my debut. It’s my frist time performing on a music show and collaborating with a female musician. To tell the truth, doing my promos with IU gives me both strength and pressure as well.  I am trying to show my best, in all of my performances.”

Most of the tracks on your album use piano and are forte genre.
“During my family vacations, my mom would often turn on songs of Ahn Chi Hwan, Yoo Jae Ha, and Kim Kwang Suk. At a young age, I didn’t know much about the songs but would listen and sing along. I believe that naturally shaped my musical genre and preference. Many say that I have the analog emotions, and I myself try my best to portray such through my songs as well.”

Did you put much attention in the lyrics?
“When I make music, I write what I want to say first as my lyrics and combine the melody afterwards to complete it. I like beautiful lyrics. Since writing is my hobby, I like to write movie columns on my own to organize my thoughts as well. Recently, I watched ‘Begin Again’ and ‘Her.’ I like almost all movie genres other than comedy.” 

Your debut album is scoring well.
“I do hear that and I am really proud of it. But I believe my collaboration with IU would probably be the reason why. My debut album has garnered more attention inevitably because IU was to sing with me for “When Would It Be.” While doing music, I don’t want to be too hung up on rankings. I would rather focus on the basic qualities of music such as delivering my feelings and lyrics to the audience.”

Your debut album is shining even among Epik High, BEAST, and MC Mong.
I am honored, but I haven’t really come to that realization yet. When I went to perform on a music show, the BEAST members really showed support for me. Other people around me also cheered for my debut as well. I am really thankful for that. I hope to get more love from the people in the future.”

Tell us about the album preparation process.
“Since finishing ‘K-Pop Star’ and until the release of debut album, I wrote around 25 songs. When the debut date was confirmed to be sometime this fall, I selected songs for the mini-album that could best represent myself. Because I wrote songs in different genres, I was concerned in putting too much diversity in my debut album. So for my debut album, I have decided to show some consistency that can best reflect me. I am looking forward to showing a much improved level and diversified genres for my next album.”

What is your goal as a musician?
“There are many beloved singer-songwriters even today. After exploring my musical colors, I want to be a beloved, established singer-songwriter as well. In particular, Lee Juck and Kim Dong Ryul are my musical inspirations.”

Source: Newsen