SISTAR asks “WHO AM I?” in first comeback teasers

SISTAR makes a teasing return as they hint on their comeback with their first concept image on their SNS accounts. 

On June 2nd, SISTAR makes a teasing post on their official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with a cryptic photo with a caption asking, “WHO AM I? #SISTAR #comeback #Evil #ShakeIt.” 

The focus of the grainy, purple photo was a pair of delicate hands surrounded by flowers (Soyou). A different photo was uploaded to their Facebook account, instead sharing a pair of heels and fingers with a cheetah print covered in a red hue (Hyorin).

Bora revealed her own image teaser on her Instagram account, taking on an abstract feel with her pairs of legs and eyes strewn all over. Dasom does the same, but is the simplest with only her back showing.

According to Starship Entertainment’s previous statement, SISTAR is aiming for a comeback by the end of June and has collaborated with hit producer Duble Sidekick for their comeback track.

WHO AM I ? #씨스타 #컴백 #사악 #흔들어

Posted by Sistar (씨스타) on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

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