SISTAR debates among themselves who is the prettiest, on “SISTAR’s Show Time”

The long-awaited program, SISTAR’s Show Time, aired their second episode on the 15th of January. The episode had SISTAR talking about the prettiest member of the group.

SISTAR appeared on the program, MBC‘s SISTAR’s Show Time. The fourth season of the program features SISTAR and their members, revealing more about the members’ daily lives.

During the second episode of SISTAR’s Show Time, a question was asked to all members of SISTAR, “among the members, what are their best attributes?

Soyu answered, “Bora is best at finding missing items. And Hyorin is very persistent at many things, she can be making fun of people endlessly.

Hyorin then followed on to say, in terms of visuals, everyone is beautiful so it is hard to decide who is the prettiest. But, today it seems like Bora is the prettiest because she was the ugliest yesterday.” 

Soyu added on, saying, “actually, my personal list for visuals of our members was Da Som, Hyorin, Bora. But, today is a little different. I believe Hyorin to be the most beautiful of us all. Her looks became much better and softer as she gained some weight.

Da Som agreed with Soyu saying, “I also believe that’s correct. At first, Bora was the prettiest but nowadays, Hyorin seems to be the prettiest.”

Previously, EXOBEAST, and Apink were featured in their own seasons and the program gained popularity among both older and new fans. SISTAR’s upcoming episodes about their daily life continue to excite the fans greatly.

Source: Newsen