SISTAR reveal their healthy toned bodies in beach fashion pictorial for “HIGH CUT”

The pictorial for SISTAR‘s beach fashion pictorial for magazine High Cut has been unveiled, revealing the girl group members’ healthy and toned bodies to fans.

Radiating with energy, the girl group members enjoyed a great time out in the sun and by the beach as they played in the water, surfed, and played a competitive gave of volleyball in Hawaii under the hot summer sun and heat.

The full pictorial can be seen through High Cut‘s next issue (No.150) already released on May 21st.





[+ 1578, – 118] Young, pretty..and they don’t look like skeletons I love them ~

[+ 1318, – 116] As always Hyorin looks the best from the back

[+ 986, – 79] Their lines and their healthy beauty make me jealous

Source: My Daily, Xports News