SISTAR talks about dancing in 13cm killer heels on “SISTAR’s Showtime”

SISTAR have never stepped down from their 13cm kill heels even during dance practices resulting their perfect performances on stage. Since their debut of six years, the girls performed to various wave of choreographies in such high platforms.

On a recent episode of SISTAR’S SHOWTIME broadcasted on February 5th, SISTAR revealed scenes of their dance practice room as well as stories of their legendary killer heel choreographies.

The members mentioned that it is true that they frequently receive questions regarding their 13cm heels. They mentioned that they have been using the high footwear even during practices. In particular,  they disclosed that it was impossible to wear sneakers instead of those heels during their training periods. They remember that they practiced walking and dancing in heels as soon as they stepped inside the agency’s building.

The girls said, “It was of course difficult, but we would not be able to deliver and dance like we do today without those practice. Wearing heels everyday helped shape our leg lines.”

Meanwhile, SISTAR has revealed their dance know-hows in MBC Every1‘s SISTAR’S SHOWTIME on February 5th.

Source: Sports World