SISTAR’s Hyorin hints at possible comeback

On November 7th, SISTAR’s main vocalist, Hyorin, posted a picture on SISTAR’s official Facebook page with a message that has led many fans to believe that the singer will be making a comeback soon. 

Hyorin posted a photo of herself posing with her phone, with a message that read: “Do you guys miss me? Please wait for me!” What does the singer have planned for her fans?

SISTAR surprised fans earlier this year when they had not one, but two comebacks this summer. Both “Touch My Body” and “I Swear” topped South Korean music charts, and earned SISTAR thirteen music show wins for 2014. Due to their large number of recent comebacks, fans instead have been been speculating that Hyorin is hinting at either a SISTAR19 comeback or a solo comeback.

Responses from netizens on Facebook was overwhelmingly positive, with comments such as: “Hyorin or Sistar19 comeback please … I miss Sistar19 so much” and “Awww, my heart melts, love you Hyorin“.

Hyorin made her solo debut last November with her album Love & Hate, while the sub-unit SISTAR19 (which includes Hyorin and SISTAR’s rapper Bora) has not released any tracks since their hit “Gone Not Around Any Longer” in early 2013.

SISTAR is currently scheduled to perform at the 2014 MelOn Music Awards and was among the top 10 most popular artists on MelOn’s online poll. Be sure to catch the show on November 13th.