Siwan shows support for Apink’s comeback “Luv”

Siwan showed his support for Apink‘s latest comeback on the set of their joint photoshoot for brand School Looks, where he speaks on their album in a newly released video.

Apink and Siwan were paired together recently for a School Looks photoshoot, and the ZE:A member took the opportunity to give a shoutout of support to his fellow idols and their latest comeback.

Siwan and the members of Apink are dressed in bright matching school uniforms and demonstrate their amiable friendship in the video as they playfully speak about Apink’s latest release. In addition, the girls took to Twitter to express their thanks for Siwan’s support!

They posted four group photos together as the eight idols posed cutely together captioned with a link to their video with Siwan as “Apink and Siwan meet at School Looks.”

Apink just made their comeback with “Luv” and acheived all-kill status with their hit fall track. In addition, they also hosted OVEN RADIO where they tried to avoid speaking english, held a pizza eating contest, and attempted to do their best impersonations.

Check out the video below! Have you heard Apink’s latest single?