“SIXTEEN” trainees Momo, Eunsuh, and Chaeyeon share dance cover to 2PM’s “My House”

Eliminated SIXTEEN contestants and JYP Entertainment trainees Chaeyeon, Eunsuh, and Momo make a comeback appearance with a special dance cover of 2PM‘s “My House.”

Released on June 23rd, the three trainees came together in the practice room to show off their dance skills by dancing to 2PM’s most recently released song and title track “My House.” 2PM recently also released their own dance practice for the song as well.

Chaeyeon (white shirt), Eunsuh (red shirt), and Momo (gray shirt) are the first three trainees to have been eliminated from the show, losing their spot for the chance to debut in the agency’s upcoming girl group Twice. However, J.Y. Park has assured viewers that trainees who do not debut as Twice will have another chance to debut again in two years.