SM patents the name “Boys’ Generation”

On November 15th, netizens discovered that SM Entertainment had patented the name “Boys’ Generation” earlier this year. At first, many speculated that with so many new groups emerging every year, SM Entertainment merely wanted to hold the rights to the name to prevent another company debuting a group with a name so close to their most popular girl group. The netizen who made the discovery pointed out, however, that if SM Entertainment did not want another company utilizing a name similar to “Girls’ Generation” they would have taken measures 7 years ago with their debut. According to the original post, the patent for the name was finalized just this past June.

SM Entertainment debuted two new groups this year: Red Velvet and Beat Burger, but should we be expecting the debut of a “Boys’ Generation” from SM in the near future? Perhaps it could be the SM Rookies‘ future group name.

The company has been involved in several controversies this year, but is still holding strong. Recently, they released Super Junior-M’s Zhoumi‘s solo debut and fellow group member Kyuhyun’s first mini-album, both with great success. Despite ranking among the highest in a netizen poll on artist negligence and a drop in stock prices, perhaps SM Entertainment is on the rise once again.

What do you think about the patenting of the name”Boys’ Generation”? Do you believe the rumor that SM will be using the name for an upcoming group?