SM Rookie Kim Ian to make drama debut in “Sweden Laundry”

SM Entertainment’s rookie actor, Kim Ian, will be making his lead role drama debut in tvN‘s Sweden Laundry. He will be playing the role of Park Ki Joon.Sweden Laundry will be aired on tvN and is directed by Jeong Hwan Seok. The comic-fantasy drama has attracted attention for the leading lady’s ability to see through people’s worries in regards to friendships, love and work; the character will be played by Song Ha Yoon.

Kim Ian’s character, Park Ki Joon, is a dentist from a well-off family and is described as the perfect man but with wacky charms. Song Ha Yoon plays the character of Kim Bom while the other leading man is Teen Top’s Changjo who will be playing Yong Soo Chul, and together these three will be involved in a love triangle.

Kim Ian was previously seen in the 2012 remake of Japanese drama Hana Kimi which was renamed To the Beautiful You. He was also in a musical and the movies Pirates and Fashion King. He is expected to show a new look in Sweden Laundry, which will air at the end of next month on MBC.

Source: OSEN