SM Rookies releases adorable Halloween video

On November 5th, SMTOWN released a RookieStation Special on YouTube featuring five SM Rookies members in celebration of Halloween. SM Entertainment is definitely a big fan of Halloween! In addition to hosting a giant Halloween party for all their artists, the company also released a Halloween-themed video featuring five of their rookie artists to celebrate the holiday.

The video began with the rookies playing a friendly game of rock-paper-scissors to determine who would be wearing which costumes. The boys, Mark, Jeno, Ji Sung, Dong Hyuck, and Jae Min ended up dressed as a wizard, a pumpkin, a vampire, a pirate, and a ghost, respectively. They posed for a quick group photo in their costumes before embarking on a trick-or-treating adventure in the SM Entertainment building. The boys were able to trick-or-treat for candy in the office and treated the office workers to some drinks. They also stopped to take photos with some of the producers, as well as make a quick stop at CEO Kim Young Min‘s office!

Response from netizens has been mostly positive, with fans praising the rookies for their charm and manners. Check out the video below!