SM Rookies send their Lunar New Year greetings in four languages

Four members of SM Rookies, Lami, Yuta, Ten, and Johnny posed for a group shot and sent individual video greetings in four different languages to welcome the new year!

As international trainees, the four members took the time in their videos, released on February 19th, to share Korean culture by explaining traditions about Lunar New Year celebrations in Korea as well as showing off their traditional Hanboks.

Yuta delivered the message in Japanese while Johnny expressed his greetings in English and introduced the Hanbok. Meanwhile, Ten greeted viewers with his bright smile in Thai and Lami sent her greetings in Korean.

In other news, SM Rookies’ Do Young and Jae Hyun are were recently appointed as the new hosts of MBC Show Champion and have been working hard to make their names known.

SM Rookies is a group consisting of trainees from SM Entertainment who are currently training to debut. Through SM Rookies, the trainees are able to build a relationship with fans before their official debut and make their names more familiar to audiences they continue to train.

It seems SM Entertainment’s trainees are well-rounded and are glad to spread the Korean culture they have been a part of! Check out the videos below!