SM Rookies send their “Merry Rookiesmas” Christmas greetings

SM Rookies released a series of photos through their official Twitter account to wish everyone a “Merry Rookiemas” featuring the rookies in the holiday spirit as they show off their personal charms.

SM Rookies was created by SM Entertainment to allow the public to get to know the company trainees before they debut. They have been working hard in the practice rooms recently, but took a break from their normal updates to spread some joy this holiday season.

In the first photo, four of the older rookies, Taeyong, Yuta, Hansol, and Ten are working intently on their Christmas tree as they prepare for Christmas!

The boys gather around to take a group photo with their finished tree while playing around with balloons and stuffed animals showing their close bonds. They even don some reindeer headbands to get in the holiday spirit!

The other three older rookies, Ten, Johnny, and Jaehyun, take an adorable picture next to Christmas lights with their bright smiles and shy poses!

The two younger rookies, Jeno and Mark pose cutely together with their happy smiles. Their matching sweatshirts spell out “Merry Rookiesmas” and “SM Rookies” as they show off their aegyo!

Lami is the only female rookie to appear in the “Rookiesmas” photos but is nevertheless impressionable with her sweet smile and her reindeer ears as she holds a cotton Christmas tree. Right next to her is a stuffed reindeer sitting atop of an SM Rookies light, custom made for the unique group.

Last but not least, Jeno and Mark are pictured together again, this time blowing balloons together next to a snow-laden Christmas tree.