This small outdoor restaurant thrives because of Jaejoong’s fans

It seems that a small pojangmacha (small outdoor tented restaurant) has seen a significant increase in business since JYJ’s Jaejoong paid a visit to the stand before his enlistment.

The restaurant owner posted a conversation between him and the idol through Kakao Talk on Instagram and though the post has since been deleted, fans captured a screenshot. The photo was captioned, “This was the Kakao Talk I had with Jaejoong-ssi.

Daeho and Jaejoong

Jaejoong: Oho”I was out to spend a night outside [of military base] ~ Also your shop is flourishing
Jaejoong: That’s great!
Restaurant Owner: Yes~^^! It is all thanks to you!! Fans really love you!!

Jaejoong previously made a visit to the restaurant on March 28th prior to his enlistment where he left little notes around the restaurant, turning the restaurant into a popular fan location. The restaurant is named Jjogalipocha in Sinonhyeon-dong. Meanwhile, he recently received 1st place at his military training graduation.

Jaejoong at Jjogalipocha

Source: Daeho Instagramteafanny_ Twitter, and JYJ3