SM’s New Girl Group Rumored To Be Debuting In June

This group has been in the works for years!

Originally, everyone expected SM Entertainment‘s new girl group to debut in 2019, but new rumors have moved up the date to June 2018!

Although fans first thought the group would be named White Fox it looks like the agency has changed their minds and will be calling the group Moonlight Angels.

Since Girls’ Generation and f(x) are no longer regularly active, this girl group, Moonlight Angels, is expected to be another addition to SM Entertainment’s strong lineup of female groups.


While originally the group was set to debut in 2016 under the name White Fox, it was pushed back and the group’s name was changed to Moonlight Angels.

The group has been in talks since 2016 but after netizens negative reactions due to a debut so soon after Red Velvet‘s, the plans were put on hold.


Although there has been no official confirmation that SM Entertainment is working on debuting Moonlight Angels, nor have they published any news about who will be in the group, netizens have already been speculating who the members will be. The two most popular contenders are trainees Yiyang and Ningning.

These two SMRookies are Chinese but their Korean is very good. Ningning is also said to have one of the sweetest voices around.


Another popular contender is Koeun. She was originally in the lineup for Red Velvet but unfortunately wasn’t able to join the group. She’s been a trainee under SM Entertainment for the last 7 years and already has a number of fans thanks to her time on Mickey Mouse Club.

Koeun is known for her amazing vocals. Perhaps because she was going to debut with Red Velvet she took part in their “Happiness” music video.


Hina and Lami are also thought to be joining the group since they are currently part of SMRookies SR18GHina is known for her dancing skills and Lami is known for her stunning visuals.

Hina has also participated on Mickey Mouse Club and made an appearance in Red Velvet’s “Happiness” MV.


Lami and her gorgeous visuals. She also made an appearance in Red Velvet’s “Happiness” MV.

Moonlight Angels will likely have anywhere from 7 to 9 members but could even possibly have 12! The girls already seem to have a pretty strong bond and with their visuals and singing abilities, Moonlight Angels is sure to be a hit.


A few of the girls have even performed together already on Mickey Mouse Club.

Koeun, Lami, Hina, and former trainee Herin performed S.E.S’s “I’m Your Girl” on Mickey Mouse Club and based off their performance we really can expect great things from Moonlight Angels!


Although these are all rumors, we’ll just have to wait and see what SM Entertainment has up their sleeves!

Source: Instiz