Snacky Chan of “Show Me the Money 3” drops “Dummy for My Daughter” MV teaser

On April 30th, Snacky Chan of Show Me the Money 3 released a music video teaser for his upcoming collaboration with Tablo titled “Dummy for My Daughter.”

The music video teaser opens with a slow-motion dance scene fitting the laidback style of the hip hop track. Rapping to a jazzy, mellow beat, Snacky Chan truly becomes a “rap star dad” with this track.

In addition, the track features popular rap star dad, Epik High’s Tablo. Although it seems that the latter does not make an appearance in the music video teaser, he took to his personal Instagram account to spread the word of this upcoming release.

The music video for “Dummy for My Daughter” will be released on May 4th.