Sol Lee releases MV for “Mon Cheri”

On December 5th, Sol Lee released the official music video for the ballad folk track, “Mon Cheri,” also known as “Honey.”“Mon Cheri” is a ballad track that embraces Sol Lee’s ability to smoothly and calmly sing. Through the music video, she is seen emotionally singing as she continues to follow a young man in a neighborhood. As the music video comes to an end, the young man is no longer seen while Sol Lee slowly disappears.

The track is one of the five songs that are featured on the album, We Sing We Write, which was released on October 17th. We Sing We Write incorporates music from artist such as Summi Kim, Callia, Yesle Kim and Ladybird.

Additional tracks that are included are, “Walk Together” by Summi Kim, “Good-Bye” by Callia, “Knot” by Yesle Kim and “Windhill” by Ladybird.

Meanwhile, Sol Lee has not released a full length album since May of 2012. Her previous album was titled Twenty Something Girl and included 12 beautiful ballads.