Soldier leaves a heartwarming letter for his wife, leaving readers in tears

A soldier on Pann pours his heart out for his loving wife in a letter meant for her to read.

Man identified as a professional soldier leaves a letter to his wife on Pann that is gaining a lot of attention. Hundreds of thousands netizens who have read the letter left positive comments in hoping that his wife would read the letter as well.

Titled “I Really Hope That My Wife Reads This,” here is the direct translation of the letter and netizen comments below:

“I’m a professional soldier.


The time I stay at my house is around 3 to 4 hours.

But I use that time to literally wash up and sleep.


I wake up early in the morning to leave for work and then come home to sleep for a couple hours before I go on my nightly patrol.


This has been my life for the last year.

Through that one year, my wife and I had a baby.

My wife probably had many things she wanted and places that she wanted to go….

Even when I asked to go somewhere, you were always taking care of me telling me to sleep a couple more hours.


When she was pregnant, she really was craving some strawberries.

She never bought any of those expensive packaged strawberries and bought and ate those cheaper individual strawberries after washing them.

I didn’t know about this at first.

Because I was always eating mid-size or bigger strawberries.

My wife always insisted on giving me the bigger ones telling me I eat more and continued to eat the smaller ones that were in bad shape.


During the days my wife was planning to give birth, I had a huge training scheduled.

My wife’s prayer was ‘please let my husband focus on his training and not focus on anything else. Please let me and my baby wait in peace for my husband to return.’

I found out about this after reading her diary. I did not know what to feel.

And I met my child the night the training was finished. Her due date was late by 3 days so I was there before she gave birth.


How hard it would have been my wife. How scared she probably was at the time.


I heard that it doesn’t hurt when you’re just giving birth but a continuous pain for over 10 hours before giving birth.

She wouldn’t even make noises in pain because she thought I would be worried. 


She even put the blanket over me while she was in pain because I fell asleep after days of tiring training.

I reserved the care center for 2 weeks but she changed it to 1 week.

With the money she saved, she was happy buying rice cake to give my coworkers congratulating the birth of our child.

She claimed that people will eat the rice cake and give blessings to our child…


Still, I’m a man that is literally coming home to just clean up and sleep.

For the last 3 months, my wife is taking care of our child without any help.

Whenever we have short 5 minute conversations face to face, my wife always tells me she only wants to have a good conversation, telling me I’m doing a great job and that she loves me.


I read her baby diaries after doing the laundries for her while she was sleeping.

It was full of her saying she was in pain.

When I paid close attention to her, I saw her wearing three braces on her wrist.

In the diary, it was full of stories that she was in a lot of pain and cried often.

When I read the phrase ‘when will I ever get to sleep?’ I started to cry nonstop.


Whenever I sleep 3-4 hours at home, I never heard our baby cry once.

I didn’t know that she was always holding the baby at night so I can sleep in peace and that my wife’s wrist was damaged.

I just thought our baby didn’t cry as often.


When I finally woke up to go on my nightly patrol, my wife seemed to have finally fallen to sleep.

On the table, there were some fruit and eggs prepared and a note telling me to eat them while I’m going on patrol.

She also thanked me for doing the laundry.

She also apologized that she couldn’t take care of me well and that she couldn’t show the pretty sides of her because she was always tired because of the baby.

She also wrote that she loved me.


In order to protect my country, I am not able to protect my own wife.

This is why I feel like a criminal in my own home.

But because my wife says she is proud of me and that she’ll protect me since I’m protecting the country, I work the hardest I can even when I shed tears.

Our child is really pretty but my wife is even prettier.

They say that when a child is born, they are the most beautiful beings ever but I think my wife will be the prettiest until the day I die.


I know that you come on this website to read some of the posts.

I didn’t mention your name so I don’t know if you will be able to read this.

You said it in the past that you never thought of being rich or comfortable marrying a soldier like me…

You told me not to worry too much on promotions and income.

I’m really sorry. I know that you are poor and going through a hard time because of me.

But I can’t prioritize being rich or comfortable to be the prideful husband and wife of this family.

This is why I’m a bad husband.


I’ll live to the fullest not to shame you and our child.

I love you.

And you are the most beautiful these days than I have ever seen you before.

You asked me to always love you and worried that I’ll get sick of you if you get ugly and fat right?

I’m going to continue to love you even if you ask me not to. I love you.


If i could cut my wrist off and give it to you, I would.

I did all the household chores before I leave tonight so please sleep 10 more minutes at least.”

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[ +873 / -4] Shoot… It is really hot outside and now because of this soldier, my eyes are sweating…

[ +739 / -7] I really hope that your wife reads this. I’m going to give you a thumbs up.

[ +501 /-3] Your heart and your letter are both pretty. You guys are going to love forever and your child will be growing up with a lot of love watching you and your wife.

[ +235 / 0] Reading this post on Pann makes me rethink marriage. Makes me wonder “if I could ever meet a man like this..” And also makes me think “if I could be a wife like that..” Your wife is amazing and you trying to understand your wife best as possible is awesome. I’m really jealous of your marriage.

[ +145 / 0] I guess you saved a country in your previous life~ ^^ You married a woman who is clear and full of love. I hope happiness lasts forever if your family… ^^

[ +130 / -1] What… I don’t even know the beginning of marriage since I’m in high school but I’m crying T_T_T_T_T

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