THE SOLUTIONS’ “Movement Tour” will return for an encore

In light of THE SOLUTIONS’ successful European tour held in early December, the indie rock and EDM duo band has announced they will be returning with an encore!

THE SOLUTIONS embarked on their first European tour, stopping in three cities including Moscow (Russia), Paris (France), and Liège (Belgium) between December 4th and 7th, and will be continuing on to the Netherlands, Brussels (Belgium), and Cologne (Germany) between the 12th and 14th.

With hundreds of fans flocking to their first three stops, THE SOLUTIONS are planning to return with an encore tour already!

Featuring MAKE THE GIRL DANCE and TOXIC AVENGER as the guest artists, THE SOLUTIONS will be returning to Radio Gaga Hall on December 31st to blow fans away with their 90s Brit-pop sound and alternative style of American music and 2010s Japanese pop sound.

THE SOLUTIONS consists of members Naru and Park Sol, who many may recognize as a contestant from the Mnet audition show Superstar K3.

Stay tuned to Koreaboo for further ticketing information!