SONAMOO commemorates “Deja Vu” release with debut showcase

TS Entertainment’s latest idol group SONAMOO successfully held their debut showcase to celebrate the release of their first single, Deja Vu.

On December 29th, SONAMOO held their first showcase as they commemorate the release of their first single Deja Vu held at Ilchi art Hall in Gangnam, South Korea. Gaining much interest for their debut single, the group performed their title track “Deja Vu” exclusively at the showcase, where they highlighted the main point of their choreography which is a hand-shaking gesture they called as the “shuriken dance,” followed by their splits.

They have also showcased a special performance for the track “Everlasting Love,” followed by a number of impersonations from the members, causing them to laugh.

Meanwhile, after the performances, D.ana, Na Hyun, New Sun, Eui Jin, Su Min, Min Jae and High.D interacted with the guests present though the showcase’s Q&A session. According to the members, they plan to show many sides as a group and prove at that they are adept to many styles of music, focusing on their distinct low rap, high rap sound.

The members shared the preparations they have done for future activities and reveals that they all speak at least one foreign language as they express their desire to go abroad. The group’s fitness regime was also asked during the session and stated that they exercise near the field and mountain near the company with member Na Hyun being teased as an “impala” for her love of running.

The group chose Big Bang as their role models in the music industry, further citing that they consider all girl groups as their rivals. When asked about international artists they want to collaborate with, the members shared their wish to record a track with  Jessie J and Rihanna some day.

SONAMOO closed the event asking fans to keep an eye on their performances and hinted on the possibility of different ending for each live number. As a closing statement, they were further quote saying, “Our debut promotions are nerve-wracking, but we want to keep this excitement with us always as long as we can stand on stage.”

Meanwhie, SONAMOO is gaining much interest with their debut single Deja Vu after collaborating with producer Star Track, the duo known for producing Secret’s “Madonna” and Magic” and composer Marco. 

SONAMOO’s debut single was released yesterday followed by the full music video for “Deja Vu.”