SONAMOO posts commemorative selcas following first round of debut promotions

After finishing their first round of promotions for their debut title track “Deja Vu” this week, SONAMOO updates their personal SNS accounts as they thank fans for the support received.

Straight after their debut stages, Sumin updated her personal account thanking fans for their cheers as she states that, “Our first broadcast ends today! Everyone’s support was very strong. Thank you for coming even if it is cold, for that, we have set a small present~! It’ll make you warm. If the weather remains to be cold, please come with thicker clothing tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, member Nahyun unveiled her playful nature fitting for a rookie as she unveils her simple charm through another selca, sharing her thoughts on their promotional performances saying, “Wow, Sonamoo’s first stage is done!It was sooo fun, and I’m so energized after seeing the fans! Now it’s time to see mentions~Come on!”

Meanwhile, all of the members also posted commemorative photos for their fans as they wrap up their first debut stages.

Aside from receiving love from their fans, SONAMOO was also surprised by their fellow label mates SECRET and Untouchable as they visited them during recording for SBS Inkigayo.

Source: TS Entertainment