SONAMOO releases fierce teaser for “Deja Vu” debut MV

On December 26th, TS Entertainment’s new girl group SONAMOO released a short trailer for the music video for their upcoming debut track “Deja Vu”.

Shortly after releasing a new image teaser for their first mini-album Deja Vu, the group released a 38-second trailer for their title track’s music video of the same name.

Similar to their image teaser, the girls showed off their edgy side with a flashy music video that included hip thrusting and intense charisma. SONAMOO shared their acrobatic skills as they danced into a split to the energetic choreography. The members Su Min,Min Jae, D.ana, Na Hyun, Eui Jin, High.D, and New Sun are definitely making a strong impression before they release their first music video.

Fans have been noting that SONAMOO’s concept resembles the cool and mature look that B.A.P used in previous releases, creating a lot of anticipation for the group’s debut album.

Be sure to check out SONAMOO’s first mini-album, which is set to be released on December 29th!