SONAMOO releases new group photo for upcoming debut with “Green Moon”

TS Entertainment has released a new group photo for their upcoming girl group SONAMOO via their official fan cafe and SNS accounts on December 1st, along with the title to their debut album.

Despite TS Entertainment’s ongoing legal battle with B.A.P, preparations are underway for the SONAMOO’s debut, as they release the the teaser photo for their first release.

The photo relays a hint on their possible title track as the photo was uploaded with a caption saying, “The first green moon will appear signaling a new beginning. The day the full moon shines, the secret of the green moon shall unveil itself.” The four confirmed members were also joined by three other figures, hidden as silhouettes.

Fans who have seen the update predicted that the “Green Moon” hint posted pertains to the possible title of their debut track.