SONAMOO returns with colorful and playful “Cushion” MV

On July 20th, TS Entertainment’s rookie girl group SONAMOO made their anticipated summer comeback with the release of their “Cushion” music video and second mini-album.

While the ladies show off their dance moves, the music video takes them through a dream-like sequence with teleporting and a motif of red cups and strings.

The girl group announced their comeback with a variety of image teasers, an album preview, and music video teaser before releasing this fun-filled music video. Unlike the individual image teasers however, the music video features a concept that is bolder and more playful with denim outfits and full harmonies.

The release of “Cushion” marks the release of SONAMOO’s second mini-album Cushion since their debut with Deja Vu.

Check it out here: