SONAMOO reveals stunning “Deja Vu” MV stills

On January 8th, TS Entertainment revealed photos from the filming of SONAMOO’s debut music video, “Deja Vu.”

Following their successful debut with the dance-pop track “Deja Vu,” the ladies of SONAMOO have unveiled a treat for fans in the form of an album of stills from their music video. The girls give off an intense and powerful vibe in these shots.

The members are shown in their uniform black crop tops and forest green pants as well as their more modern, sexier outfits. The album comprises of mostly individual shots, highlighting each member’s alluring expression. Additionally, there are two group photos with the group pictured in different sets of dance wear.

Fans recently showed support for SONAMOO by trending #SONAMOO_Deja Vu.

Check out the photos here: