SONAMOO’s Min Jae hints at a special event tomorrow as she celebrates her birthday

SONAMOO’s main vocalist Min Jae celebrates her 21st birthday (Korean age) on December 18th, and left a special message to fans on her personal Twitter account. 

Uploading a lovely photo of herself on Twitter, Min Jae writes, “This birthday is all the more special because I’m getting closer to debuting. Everyday is special recently, and there will be something amazing happening tomorrow too, so please keep an eye on us. I will try to become ‘The Giving Tree’ (SONAMOO = Pine Tree) Min Jae. Thank you!”, hinting at an approaching event, further amplifying the public’s curiosity.

In her photo, Min Jae lovingly looks off to the side as she stares past the lens of the camera. Wearing a soft beige knit sweater, her hair naturally flowing down her shoulders, Min Jae gives a natural smile with green foliage surrounded her, creating a picture befitting of the name “SONAMOO.”

Min Jae is currently attending Myungjae University with a major in Musical, and is said to boast a crystalline clear voice, befitting of her role as main vocalist in the girl group. Other talents of hers including playing the violin and performing in musicals.

She is one of the final SONAMOO members to be revealed, along with Su Min. The seven-member girl group is expected to make their official debut in 2015.