Song Hye Gyo graces the front cover of “ELLE”

Hallyu actress, Song Hye Gyo, graces the front cover of fashion and star magazine, ELLE, for their June issue. During a recent cover shoot, Song Hye Gyo took time to give a lengthy interview and update on her current life.

Recently, the actress has been confirmed for an upcoming KBS drama Descendants of the Sun, on which she commented: “I will be taking over a bright character, which I haven’t in a long time for a Korean piece. I could say that my character is somewhat a mature version of my character in ‘Full House.'” The highly anticipated drama will be Song Hye Gyo’s first show with Song Joong Ki, and she commented, “Aside from his pretty looks, he definitely has a charismatic style. He is well-mannered and just by looking at his attitude and behavior towards the elders, I can sense that he is a really great friend. His acting is good as well.”

Song Hye Gyo is already stepping into her 20th anniversary since her debut in 9th grade. She spoke about her most memorable role to date: “Eun Seo from ‘Autumn In My Heart’ is the closest to my actual self, so even after completing the drama, it was difficult to get out of the character for almost 2 years.”

The veteran actress also honestly commented on maturing as a woman, “I have more tears and I have become more like a child.” Additionally, she explained the story behind staring her personal Instagram @kyo1122“As there are many false SNS accounts under my name, there are misunderstood incidents as well. So I just wanted to show the real me and communicate with more people. I want to communicate with more people before it’s too late.”

In the meantime, you can check out the detailed interview on the June edition of ELLE.

Source: TV Daily