Song Jae Rim and IU are a cute couple in new Sbenu CF

Sbenu, one of Korea’s shoe brands, released a CF featuring the nation’s little sister IU and actor Song Jae Rim for the new line of shoes, Candy.

On February 15th, Sbenu released a one-minute long video of IU and Song Jae Rim as a couple, showing off their stylish new line of shoes, the Candy e-line. The video shows the two entertainers doing couple activities such as dancing, munching on sweets, laughing together, and sitting in a coffee shop.

They are seen in very cheerful moods, singing and dancing along with the song that is playing in the background. The song sets the mood to be uplifting, adding to the sweet emotions that the two are able to produce. Many close-up scenes are shown in the video, revealing the natural beauty of the two stars. Showing their adorable sides, the two are the perfect matches for Sbenu’s Candy concept.

Additionally, IU had recently transformed into a cute couple with actor Lee Hyun Woo for a photoshoot with the clothing company Union Bay.

Make sure you check out the adorable CF below: