[★TRENDING] Song Ji Hyo coyly talks about Gary’s surprise kiss on “Healing Camp”

Actress Song Ji Hyo finally responds and shares about her thoughts towards Gary’s surprise kiss on one of the episodes of Running Man

On August 3rd, Gary participated in a special episode of Healing Camp, where his fellow Monday Couple partner made a surprise appearance through a phone interview.

During the interview, the hosts immediately asked Song Ji Hyo about the surprise kiss Gary gave, further prompting her to what she felt. To this, the actress replied, “I was so surprised I didn’t feel anything when he kissed me. Afterwards, however, my heart did become excited a little bit.” 

The kiss scene in question was one of the special episodes focusing on Song Ji Hyo in September 2013 which included guest members G-Dragon, Daesung and Seungri. As Gary tries to win Song Ji Hyo over during one of the segments, he humorously tricked the actress and planted a kiss on her cheeks before running away.

Meanwhile, on this Healing Camp episode, Gary also talked about his main concerns as a musician and worries if his fans will still like him with the concept and lyrics he wants to depict in his music.

Gary is also set to join Gil for their respective solo activities this fall.

Source: StarNews