Song Ji Hyo and Taiwanese artist Kenji Wu release “You Are So Cute” MV

On April 20th, Song Ji Hyo and Kenji Wu joined hands for their collaborative track “You Are So Cute.”

A track of Taiwanese pop artist Kenji Wu’s latest album, the song opens with a sweet guitar strum as Song Ji Hyo’s equally adorable vocals enter in. Singing in both Korean and Chinese, the Running Man star left fans impressed with her language flexibility and soothing melody.

In the music video, the two play the roles of a sweet couple as they play piano and ukelele together. Showing off great chemistry, they cheerfully danced and strolled through the miniature park garden.

Although the track and music video storyline were sweet, it seems that some avid supporters of the “Monday Couple” left silly messages of strength for Gary instead. Especially fun to note is that Kenji Wu declared again that in his mind, Song Ji Hyo is Korea’s cutest woman, as they recorded the track on Valentine’s Day.

Furthermore, while behind the scenes, Kenji Wu shared that the song originated from some down time the two had while on the set of their upcoming film 708090. He went on to share that although this was Song Ji Hyo’s first time officially recording a track, let alone in Mandarin, she worked extremely hard to catch the rhythm and pronunciation of the song.

The adorable ending of the audio even includes a short

Take a look at their music video here: