Song Ji Hyo takes her pick between Gary and Kim Soo Hyun

Actress Song Ji Hyo explicitly stated in the past that Leessang‘s Gary is more attractive than Kim Soo Hyun.

In the special SBS Running Man “Flower Boy Sports Day” episode that aired back in 2013, Song Ji Hyo confidently stated that “Gary is better looking that Kim Soo Hyun.” The episode featured two flower boy guests from KEYEAST Entertainment – Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hyun Woo.

As Song Ji Hyo, Gary, and Ji Suk Jin were assigned to the same team Ji Suk Jin said, “I think Gary will be very upset today,” due to the fact that the flower boy guests are very handsome. Then Song Ji Hyo responded, “Gary is better looking than Kim Soo Hyun,” which immediately brightened Gary’s mood. She went on to say that, “On Mondays, Gary is the most handsome.”

Responding to Song Ji Hyo’s comment, Gary said, “Because she’s saying that, I’ll be living Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays arduously and come to shoot with some hope on Mondays.” Gary said in the hopes of making that day a good day, “Today feels like I’m taking my girlfriend and my girlfriend’s father on a trip,” as he was referring to his team mates. As the momentary father figure, Ji Suk Jin did not hesitate to say, “No! I object!” leaving the other members in laughter.

Watch the Monday Couple and Ji Suk Jin’s conversation starting from 0:06 down below!

Source: The Fact

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