Song Jieun releases album cover for Japanese version of “25”

On December 2nd, Secret‘s Song Jieun released the album cover art for the Japanese version of her latest solo album, 25

The cover image featured the singer with somewhat of a pouty face, with her right index finger on her lips. Unlike the covers of the Korean versions of 25, which show the singer’s carefree and happy spirit, the Japanese cover highlights her cute and photogenic face, focusing on her beautiful cat-like eyes. The Secret member’s frazzled hair and outfit, which includes a black and white striped v-neck and a white dress shirt with short sleeves, add to the youthful effect.

25 is Song Jieun’s first solo mini-album, and the Japanese version also serves as the singer’s first solo album in Japan. The PV for the Japanese version of the song was released on December 1st, while the album itself came out on December 2nd along with the release of the album cover. The album includes songs from a variety of genres, ranging from ballads such as “Don’t Look At Me Like That” to dance tracks like “25.” For the Japanese edition, a Japanese version of the son “Vintage” (feat. Zelo of B.A.P) from the singer’s single album Hope Torture was also included.

Like many Japanese releases, 25 comes in two versions: one with just the CD and one that includes a DVD as well, which includes the PV and making video. Fans around the world have been enjoying the album, which was one of the hottest releases in October, and now Japanese fans can sing along to songs in Japanese!

Have you checked out the Japanese version of Song Jieun’s first mini-album 25 yet?

Source: Star News