Song Jieun is a stunning 25-year-old in new Instagram post


Song Jieun proves to be the epitome of the beauty of being 25 years old in a new selca.

Jieun pleasantly surprised her Instagram followers on October 18, by uploading a stunning photo of herself post-broadcast with the caption, “_ I successfully completed my performance today thanks to your encouragement and loud cheers. Thank you so much Secret Time Songnara #songjieun #25 #songjieun”.


_ 오늘 엄청큰 응원소리에 힘내서 무대 잘 마쳤어요 언제나 고마워요 시타 쏭나라 #송지은 #예쁜나이25살 #songjieun

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She appears to be using angles to her advantage, taking the photo in a way that accentuates all of her best facial features, especially her eyes, v-line and collarbones that are to die for.

Jieun is currently busy promoting her solo album “25” diligently, having recently holding a “MelOn Premiere Showcase” recently. If you haven’t check out her title track, have a listen to it!

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