Songwriter Kim Eana hints at Brown Eyed Girls and Ga In 2015 comeback

Brown Eyed Girls may be making a comeback sometime this year, as hinted by popular Korean songwriter Kim Eana on February 16th through her Instagram.

With the simple post, “Desktop,” the songwriter reveals a photo of her computer’s desktop showing four folders named “Gain_remix,” “to develop,” “BEG_2015,” and “EanaBook” respectively. Many followers have suspected that she is currently working on several tracks in preparation of Brown Eyed Girls’ comeback, and by the looks of it, is scheduled for sometimes this year.

In addition, the folder “Gain_remix” is also gaining suspicion from fans that the Brown Eyed Girls’ maknae may be making a solo comeback this year.

Comments such as “I’ve been waiting two years,” “I’m expecting BEG_2015 super super super,” and “I’m looking forward to it” were left on the post.

Kim Eana is well-known for writing several hit songs for Brown Eyed Girls, IU, and Ga In such as “L.O.V.E,” “Abracadabra,” “Sign,” “Sixth Sense,” “Irreversible,” “Bloom,” “Nagging,” “Good Day,” “You and I,” and “Red Shoes.”

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